Everyone can write a thesis, so can you -sometimes you need just a little help. That’s why Scriptiewijzer gives you personal coaching while you are writing you thesis.

Writing your thesis is the process in which you make the step from student to professional. This is why Scriptiewijzer doesn’t focus on the final result, but rather on the road that takes you there. On this road I’ll help you to be active and autonomous, and take ownership over your learning process. Our feedback sessions are for discussion and sparring about initiative and responsibility, so that your final result is yours and yours only. This is how you create your own success!

As a member of Meander you also receive a discount on the first ten sessions.

Check www.scriptiewijzer.nl for more info and if you want to know more about what Scriptiewijzer can offer you specifically, please call or mail sos@scriptiewijzer.nl.

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